Tuesday, 17 March 2009

DLU (Disability Liaison Unit)

Anyone studying with CFS should see their uni's DLU (Disability Liaison Unit). Even if it's not called the DLU, each uni should have a similar service.

I had a meeting with a DLU staff member today, expecting to be quizzed about whether my debilitating medical condition is real, because that's generally what happens whenever I ask for official help.

I was pleasantly surprised - to the point of being bewildered - at how much the DLU could help me. Here are just a few things the DLU staff member said she could help me with:
· Note-taking
· Providing a bed to rest in if I have a long gap between classes
· Making sure my classes don't take place at the times of day I feel tired
· Recording classes I miss
· Filling in special consideration and extension forms (saving me a trip to the doctor)
· Informing all my tutors of circumstances.

It's such a nice change having somebody who - after speaking to me for just half an hour - understands my situation and wants to make things easier for me.

Too often, people just don't care and us people with CFS are forced to find our own way to do normal things that healthy people take for granted. It's an incredibly comforting feeling knowing that someone has your back.

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