Thursday, 17 June 2010

Climbing high

Goodness, it's been close to six months since I last posted here. You won't believe what I've been up to: rockclimbing.

Yes, a strenuous, demanding physical activity has become my weekend pastime. Incredible for a person who used to be drowned in fatigue, isn't it?

Speaking of which, I'm unsure if I can still consider myself a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferer. Life is chugging along generally as it used to pre-CFS. Sure, I'm a little more cautious with my energy, and take great care when I fall ill. Other than that, I seem to be normal.

So, where to now? Do I continue to post here? A CFS blog written by someone not suffering from CFS seems a little reduntant. But perhaps I should post occassionally; if for no other reason than to update any straggling readers about my condition.

I may struggle to find stuff to write about - so if you want me to elaborate on any part of my recovery, sing out. I will try my best to remember. It has been a long journey.