Saturday, 4 April 2009

Exercise results

Wow. This exercise stuff really works. I've done a tiny bit every day, and it's made a difference. I thought I would be more tired, but actually I find I have more energy. And for ladies, this might be useful to know: it's really helped with period pains, just like the doctor said it would.

All I do is a bit of skipping and weights each night (I don't have weights, so I just used heavy books). I find doing exercise at home is much easier. This way I don't waste energy getting to a gym, etc.

I know just the idea of doing exercise seems ludicrous to those of you who are really unwell. But just remember I'm a fair way along now, and when I started this treatment plan I started small. Very small. I wrote a post about the specifics of my exercise a while ago here.

Apparently there are a bunch of medical conditions that can be cured with diet and exercise alone. It's really worth a try.