Sunday, 13 July 2008

Exercise (week two)

I just finished my second week of exercise, and I'm another centimetre thinner at the waist, woo hoo! Normally, I'm not the type that counts centimetres, but my exercise booklet said I should monitor my progress. Since I don't have a weighing machine (or a BIA machine), I have to make do with waist measurements.

I really look forward to my exercise these days. I try to do it later in the day, so that if I get overly tired, it's all right, because I can just go to sleep.

My exercise is still ridiculously light. I've been sticking to walking, as Dr S suggested. Even so, I am seeing results and I do feel a bit better. This week, it was a bit easier to do push-ups, so I think I am progressing.

I know what you're wondering. If I'm capable of a bit of exercise, why didn't I do it before? Well, I think I know my limits a bit better now. In the past, when I tried to do exercise, I pushed myself too far. I kept injuring myself (mainly my shins, weirdly). Not knowing my limits, it just made my condition worse. Also, it's easier now that I have a doctor who's familiar with CFS telling me that if I can do a little bit, it'll make me feel better.

Dr S said that a suprising amount of illnesses can be cured with just diet and exercise.

If anyone's wondering what the benefits of a little bit of exercise are, I've pulled this list from a booklet called Your Guide to Exercise, made by Metagenics:

1. Exercise promotes weight loss.
2. Exercise decreases cardiovascular risk.
3. Exercise improves circulation.
4. Exercise improves muscular tone.
5. Exercise reduces stress.
6. Exercise protects against some cancers.
7. Exercise helps increase your metabolic rate.
8. Exercise lowers your blood sugar.
9. Exercise increases "good" cholesterol.
10. Exercise helps lift your mood.
11. Exercise lowers your blood pressure.
12. Exercise boosts your immune system.
13. Exercise improves your body's ability to use the insulin it makes (reducing your risk of developing diabetes).
14. Exercise keeps bones and joints strong.
15. Exercise boosts self-esteem.


James said...

All those dot points make me feel like I should be excising right now! XD

Author said...

Hehe, it's quite a good list isn't it!