Thursday, 24 July 2008

From Fatigued to Fantastic! book

For the people who read my personal blog: sorry about the double post, but I'm posting this here too because it's CFS-related, and it might be useful to anyone with CFS who stumbles across this blog.

From Fatigued to Fantastic! is the name of a book I just finished reading. It's written by Jacob Teitelbaum, who is a doctor who had CFS and recovered from it. Now, he's the national (American) medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centres in the US.

If you read only one book about CFS, this should be it. It's comprehensive, yet easy to read.

In the book, Dr Teitelbaum talks about his methods in treating CFS. I was interested to find that Dr Teitelbaum's methods in dealing with CFS are very similar to my new doctor's methods. At a basic level, both doctors do the following:

· Treat pain and sleep disturbances
· Help mitochondria through nutrition
· Balance hormones
· Treat underlying infections

Also, Dr Teitelbaum and my doctor both recommend both prescription and natural medication (although my doctor prefers the latter).

So if anyone has any doubts about my doctor's methods, this would be a good book to read, because even though the two doctors don't know each other (to my knowledge), both of them seem to think that the most successful way to treat CFS is by using a wholistic approach.

Even the smaller chapters of this book are useful. There's a chapter on finding an appropriate physician, and chapter on disability insurance which would be very useful for US residents.

All in all, From Fatigued to Fantastic! was well-worth the read; and because it explains aspects of the condition in detail, it helped me understand my own doctor's methods better.

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I live in Melbourne and I need to get diagnosed for CFS (My GP strongly suspects I have CFS). I have no idea about doctors in Melbourne who have experience treating CFS. My GP said she'll refer me to a rheumatologist. If you don't mind, could you please share the contact details of your doctor? Does the doctor accept medicare for bulk billing? Thanks a bunch in advance. XO