Monday, 4 August 2008

Third appointment with Dr S

My third appointment with Dr S lasted for an hour.

Dr S and I discussed my nausea and vomitting, and he's taken me off some of the pills that might be causing those symptoms. In particular, Dr S is putting me back on the brand of vitamin D pills I was on before last week (last week when I stocked-up my pills at the clinic, I had to buy a different brand than usual because they were out of the pills I'd been on before).

I'm into the next phase of Dr S's treatment plan now. I'll be taking some medication that will give my colon a spring clean (so I anticipate spending a lot of time on the dunny over the next few days). Also, I'll be taking some medication that will deal with my candida overgrowth. As far as I know, candida is a kind of yeast living in our bowels, and when we have an overgrowth, it's a bad thing.

Also, I should mention that since having a laser acupuncture treatment, my mood has improved. Apparently that's mainly what the acupuncture was for. I've always wondered if acupuncture works; I haven't taken any of my pills in the last two days, and I've been feeling unwell because of my nausea; yet despite all that, my mood has improved, so I'm inclined to believe that acupuncture does work.

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