Tuesday, 24 June 2008

My first consultation with Dr S

I had my first consultation with Dr S yesterday, and it went well.

He has a different approach to treating CFS, compared with my other doctor, Dr D.

My consultation with Dr S was two hours long. The whole thing was like a biology lecture, and it'd be very difficult to condense it into one post. I'll post the basics of what we found out in this post, and if there's anything that needs explaining in more detail, I'll do it in other posts later on.

So, like I said, the consultation was two hours long. I had to fill in a form listing my symptoms, past illnesses, current medication, and things like that. (The clinic mailed the form to me a week before my consultation.)

Dr S looked at what I'd written down on my form, discussed it with me, then did a physical examination.

He came to the conclusion that I have CFS, and in my case, it involves mitochondrial problems, a magnesium deficiency, a vitamin D deficiency, lymphatic congestion, and he'll find out more when the blood tests come back.

For now, he's given me a bunch of pills to take, and I have to avoid certain foods that'll worsen my condition.

Later on, I'll probably need lymphatic drainage and MORA therapy. The standard program is 10 weeks long, although each patient is different, so the length of my program (or the amount of time it'll take to treat me) depends on my blood test results.


James said...

I think it is good that you are going to see another doctor. Did Sr Spittel ask/comment about the CFS treatment you are receiving from your other doctor (other then asking what your current medication is)?

I read a little about MORA therapy and I found it really fascinating (using the opposite waveforms to cancel out the interfering micro-oscillations) but then I guess that's cause I'm studying as an electrical engineer. Did you find it hard to take all of this in? If it was me I would probably be stressed totally going to get new treatment and initially not understanding much about it.

author said...

Dr S and Dr D (my first doctor) apparently knew each other! ("Knew" being the operative word, it doesn't sound like they talk anymore.) Dr S did comment on my first doctor's treatment: he said that he doesn't think treating people with CFS with antidepressants treats the cause of the symptoms.

A lot of what Dr S said made a lot of sense to me actually; the book I'm reading touches on quite a few things he mentioned. So it didn't completely fly over my head, luckily! :) But I don't know anything about MORA... I looked it up on the Internet yesterday and I can't say I understand it any better! (Electric stuff isn't my forte! :P) But yeah, there was a lot of new information to take in. He taped what he said so I could listen to it again. Good idea! Although I don't think I have a tape player.

James said...

Haha that's strange that they knew each other, I guess there aren't too many doctors in Melbourne who specialise in CFS treatment though.

Given 'Dr S' (lol, sounds creepy like that) didn't agree with your current treatment did he seem confident that you would receive at least some benefit from his new style of treatment? What about you, very confident yourself?

Smart idea taping what he said, my dad does that sometimes for his patients (and yeah he uses a cassette player as well so I guess most doctors are not up with the audio visual technology we have at home these days)

author said...

Yeah, he seemed pretty confident that he could get me healthy again in about six months or so. He said if I wasn't on my current drug it would be much easier (and probably faster). But it's good news that he can "fix" me! And it helps that he was recommended to me by someone who has had CFS and recovered with his treatment.