Sunday, 30 August 2009

Stay the course

Predictably (given my lifestyle of late), I crashed on Friday. Only a little bit, though. I had to leave uni at midday, and as soon as I got home I crashed on the couch and slept until dinner time.

The thing that was scary was that I was aching, and very weak. I put it down to not taking my pills for days (almost weeks), not eating well, and not sleeping enough.

It's not that I can't fall asleep. I just don't have time to sleep. And that's really bad.

I think I need to slow down again, which is what I did this weekend. It was one of the few weekends I've had in months, where I haven't gone out of town. I was supposed to go to my boyfriend's parents' place to help at the farm, but I had too much uni work to do. I think that turned out to be a blessing.

By Saturday afternoon I felt better. I'm still OK today, so I think it was just a little scare... a warning to those of you undergoing similar treatment to stay the course!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

I did a third weekend of tree planting, and recently my life has suddenly become extremely busy. Uni has become very demanding, and so has my volunteer experience. I've been sleeping three to five hours a night, which I would not recommend.

Given my poor lifestyle of late (including forgetting to take my pills), it is a wonder I am still functioning, and more or less like a normal person. It just goes to show how much I have improved.

I am hoping things will calm down soon.

Monday, 10 August 2009

A year since my first appointment with Dr S

I saw Dr S last week. He said I'm doing so well I won't have to see him for another three months. No doctor appointments, no treatments; nothing.

Of course, I will still have to continue to follow the diet and exercise program, and take supplements.

When I don't take my supplements, I still notice a difference. My head is less clear and I have a little less energy. All this means is I'm not ready to come off my supplements.

That's OK, because I'm not on as many as I was at the start of the program. I imagine the number of supplements I take will just keep dwindling.

By the way, I did a second weekend of tree planting on hilly terrain (and camped in -1 degree weather), and I have pulled up fine.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Conquering mountains

OK, maybe conquering mountains is an overstatement. But I did survive a huge weekend of tree planting in very hilly terrain.

Considering it was a weekend of climbing up and down slopes carrying a heavy bag of trees and wielding a mattock, I think I pulled up all right. What's more, I woke up and started planting earlier than everyone else on both days!

Very happy.