Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Bio Impedence Analysis (BIA)

I had a nurse visit at Dr S's clinic yesterday. The nurse did a BIA (Bio Imepdence Analysis); a test that measures body fat, muscle levels, water in cells, and so on.

The nurse took some measurements, and hooked me up to a machine that passed a small current through my body. After a few minutes, she entered my details into her computer and printed out the results.

Apparently I am quite healthy at a cellular level. She said my muscle tone is outstanding, and my cells are fine. According to the results I'm a bit underweight, though.

She said I must have been pretty active before I got sick. It made me really happy to hear that, because I've been reading Dr S's handbook, and it goes on and on about how one factor that might contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome is not having enough exercise. I couldn't believe that I wasn't doing enough exercise! I used to walk to uni, or ride my bike, go horse riding regularly, and when I was living at college I joined quite a few of the college sports teams. So I'm happy to hear that my muscle results were good.

My next appointment with Dr S is later this week, so I'll probably have another update by then.

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