Saturday, 6 December 2008

MORA lymphatic treatment

It's probably time for an update.

I'm doing well. I'm getting better every day, I think. And people have said the change is noticeable now, which is great. It means I'm not just imagining that I'm getting better!

I still find that I tire easily, and that if I'm not careful when I'm active, I can spend days recovering from my carelessness - but generally the effects are less severe than they have been in the past.

I think I'm at a stage where it mightn't even look like there's anything wrong with me. (Until you notice I go missing for a few days after a bout of activity!)

I've been visiting the nurse fornightly for MORA lymphatic treatments. I can't remember if I've explained this already, but I might as well explain it again anyway:

The body has two "transport" systems": blood and lymph. Blood has a pump to move it around the body (the heart), but lymph doesn't have a pump. Lymph relies on muscle movement to move it around the body. As you can imagine, most people with CFS have such low energy levels that they can't move around a lot, so the lymph gets clogged up.

The lymphatic system gets rid of all kinds of nasties, so when lymph isn't moving around, it can't be a good thing. MORA lymphatic treatments help unclog the lymph and sitmulate it to move along.

If nothing else, the treatments are very relaxing!


James said...

My goodness I can't believe it!

I didn't really know anything about the lymph system and then my uncle (who is a radiotherapist) gave me the crash course in radiotherapy during the 5.5 hour car trip to Eden. This secondary transport system is a big part of how some cancer (especially breast cancer) spreads around the body. It seems talking about the lymph system is the cool thing to do these days XD

author said...

Hehe, what a coincidence that your uncle just told you about it!

I remember learning about it in school, but other than that, nobody seems to mention it much!