Thursday, 22 May 2008

Let's start over

I've been inspired to give this blog a proper go. I'm going to try writing in it daily. I hope it'll help both you and me understand the illness better.

A lot has happened since my last post in November. I got a cat.

This might sound like trivial news, but I can't express just how un-trivial it is. My cat helped me when no-one else could. Animals don't judge, and they're always around when you need them.

I got upset when some people told me to stop talking about my cat. No-one -- apart from my boyfriend and carer whom we will call "A" -- knew how depressed I got. I cried all day, every day; about nothing, and everything. I felt completely out of control, I couldn't see myself ever recovering from CFS, and nobody was helping me. My cat pulled me out of a hole that was getting very deep and very dark. And I don't think anyone else could have done it. And yet, people were telling me to stop being so happy about my cat. How could I, when I had nothing else to be happy about?

I don't believe antidepressants have improved my situation. Mainly because I wasn't depressed when I got chronic fatigue. To me, that means depression wasn't the cause of my chronic fatigue. And how can you treat something without targetting the cause? It's all a bit hit and miss to me. In any case, I only started to improve when my cat, "M", got here.


Anonymous said...

I lost my best friend....a 2009...I know I will forever miss her as she, like yours, loved me without judging me, was always there for me, listened to me, snuggled when I needed affection shown and there was no one else, so to people who under estimate the power of the love a pet will give have not truly had the right pet. I had to get 2 new ones, but waited until I believed the time was right, I love them both, but still miss my friend of 16 years. I know I will bond with these two, but as my life has changed, the bond will be different. I am hoping it won't be though. So talk your head off about your cat, they are a wonderful FRIEND!!!!

CFS Uncensored said...

Cats are lovely beings. She has gotten me through a lot!