Monday, 19 July 2010

Bad food

All still well over here. Even despite my recent bad food habits.

Part of my recovery program was a strict (and particular) food diet. In fact, it was probably the biggest part of my recovery - you are what you eat, right?

If I'm ever feeling like my level of health is getting dangerously low, I revert back to that diet. That is, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, additive-free. And I wasn't allowed to eat random things like tomatoes (allergenic), potatoes (too high in carbs), oranges (allergenic), either. What could I eat, then? You ask. Lots of things. Basically it was a Stone Age diet. A small amount of meat, and lots and lots of veggies.

Eating a variety of raw veggies is astoundingly good for you. Eating well and healthily gives your body its best chance at fighting off disease. Will it treat CFS on its own? Maybe, maybe not. But it sure as hell helps.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Climbing high

Goodness, it's been close to six months since I last posted here. You won't believe what I've been up to: rockclimbing.

Yes, a strenuous, demanding physical activity has become my weekend pastime. Incredible for a person who used to be drowned in fatigue, isn't it?

Speaking of which, I'm unsure if I can still consider myself a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferer. Life is chugging along generally as it used to pre-CFS. Sure, I'm a little more cautious with my energy, and take great care when I fall ill. Other than that, I seem to be normal.

So, where to now? Do I continue to post here? A CFS blog written by someone not suffering from CFS seems a little reduntant. But perhaps I should post occassionally; if for no other reason than to update any straggling readers about my condition.

I may struggle to find stuff to write about - so if you want me to elaborate on any part of my recovery, sing out. I will try my best to remember. It has been a long journey.