Tuesday, 26 August 2008

My seventh MORA treatment

I've had a good week.

My aches and pains are still on and off; but the good news is that they're more off than on these days.

I'm sleeping better.

My mind is clearer (I read the book Voyage of the Dawn Treader in one day! Granted, it's not a very challenging book, but still, you'd be hard-pressed finding another person with CFS who can finish a book in a day).

Also, I'm walking well around the house. I noticed that it's easier for me to get up from a chair these days. Because it used to take so much effort for me to get up from my seat, I used to plan what I was going to do every time I got up: I'd plan to go to the toilet, get a drink, pick up a remote, get a pen from the table... and invariably I'd forget to do one of those things, and it was a giant pain in the ass to have to get up again. Now I find it's not as big a deal if I forget something, because I can just get up again, with less difficulty than before.

Of course, I still have limits. If I had to get up from my seat five times in fives minutes, I'd probably tire myself out. My stamina is still poor, and I still suffer from sensory overload (ie. not being able to think with too many people talking at once).

But the nurse I've been seeing said I have to patient: I've been sick for a long time, so it's going to take a long time for me to get better. She said it's exciting that I'm improving already, and that I should remember not to push myself too much.


James said...

When the nurse said it was exciting to see that you were improving did she seem surprised at how quickly you are responding to the new treatment?(I'm sure it doesn't seem quick to you!)

I imagine you are feeling pretty excited about the treatment now =] So if your starting to improve whats been happening with your exercise, finding you can walk further?

On another note Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my second favorite Narnia book but I'm pretty sure I told you that already. Can you guess/remember my favorite?

author said...

Yeah, she did seem pleasantly surprised!

I haven't been walking further, 'cause my stamina's still poor, but I can walk a bit faster - the main thing is that it's easier to get around the house now, which is great.

Is your favourite Narnia book the Magician's Nephew? :D

Alex said...


I'm a 43yo male living in Melbourne who is suffering from CFS for 3 years. I am about to start treatment with Dr Spittle in 3 weeks. Interesting to read you blog. Certainly is a nasty thing to have to deal with.

author said...

Hi Alex, thanks for your comment! Sorry to hear about your CFS; three years is a long time. Good luck with your treatment with Dr Spittel - I'm getting some really good results from his treatment; I hope you do too. We're lucky to have found him.